Finding The Right Benefits For Your Family

July 6th, 2012 by Navid J. Leave a reply »

Recently, health insurance carriers were required to add maternity coverage for their plans in California.  Starting July 1st, all health insurance plans will include maternity and many consumers are already starting to take advantage.  If you already have an individual health insurance policy, many plans will convert with maternity coverage at your plans’ renewal.  Another important factor when thinking about getting family health insurance is the current health of your family members.  Many plans have different types of coverages and also different benefit amounts for types of services.

For instance, medication coverage differs greatly from plan to plan.  Anthem Blue Cross has health insurance plans that have strong prescription coverage and also plans that have limited coverage.  And by limited, we mean plans that have high brand deductibles which make it expensive to purchase brand medication.  To really understand which plans make the most sense for your family, research the plan details under each search result for a full break down of what the plans really offer.


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