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Is Dental Included With Most Medical Plans?

April 12th, 2012

The fast answer here is no.  Most major medical insurance plans are stand-alone and do not include dental insurance.  There are some plans that do offer dental and the price is usually included in the monthly premium.  Medical insurance works a lot differently than dental insurance.  When applying for medical insurance, the underwriting process is much more complex.  Many people get denied for medical insurance because they may have pre-existing conditions or other complications in which the carrier thought was too risky for them to insure.  Of course, starting in 2014, no individual can be denied health insurance.  This is assuming that the Supreme Court decision in June will not throw out the reform laws.

Dental insurance does not have as much strict underwriting guidelines.  However, there are other ways insurance carriers protect themselves.  Many dental plans have 6 or 12 month waiting periods for major service.  This is to prevent people for just getting dental insurance for a surgery and then canceling right after.  Also, the benefits are also very limited when it comes to dental insurance.  The carriers will set an annual benefit maximums for each plan.