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Half of Polled Californians Don’t Know they’re Covered

August 26th, 2013

Health care in California is a big point of discussion in current politics what with the complete overhaul that’s currently underway. This overhaul includes the Affordable Care Act, an act put in place to help ensure that more underprivileged individuals and families are granted access to affordable health care in their state. For some, this will have no effect; for others, it will be a big game-changer. Many small-business employers will now be able to offer healthcare more affordably to their employees, and there is now a standard for what certain health care companies can offer.

The current issue, however, lies in the fact that more than half of the population doesn’t know that they can now afford coverage.

The Poll

A recent poll, called the Field Poll, surveyed uninsured, low-income voters who would technically be qualified candidates for health coverage. The poll found that more than 50% of these people either a) did not know that they qualified for health insurance, or b) believed that they did not qualify for health insurance. When participants who were qualified, but not under an employer, were surveyed, the percentage who did not know about their qualification was even larger.

Clearly, the state of California has an issue of awareness on its hands.

What can be Done / What is Being Done

It’s now up to the state agency who is behind the Obamacare overhaul to inform and educate the public about the fact that they may be newly qualified or able to get more affordable care. As of right now, advertising seems like one of the only options. Statewide, we may be looking at an investment of over $300 million that will go toward the endeavor of spreading the word about new health care. This will be in various forms – from door-to-door visits to online advertisements, all geared toward the uninsured and convincing them to take what’s theirs.

The issue, however, isn’t simply about awareness – it’s about understanding. Some 25% of the population knows nothing about the new Affordable Care Act. Another 60% consider themselves to be “somewhat knowledgeable.”

Since lack of healthcare is a huge issue in the United States, it’s important for California residents to be aware that they might qualify for policies with Health Net California or one of the many other reputable insurance agencies. Many citizens tend to tune out when they hear mention of “health care reform,” but since this plan is put in action to literally revolutionize the way that lower-income residents buy and use their health insurance – while making the stipulations more transparent and the competition and pricing more fierce – it’s an act that pertains to everyone. Do your research!

Health Care Reform Needs The Right Leaders

January 21st, 2013

As the exchange era approaches and the reform bills take affect, many are still wondering what the overall result will be.  As of late, many have seen there health insurance premiums double with no explanation.  Also, many are still without health insurance because it is still way too expensive.  It is estimated that there are still over 40 million Americans without health insurance today.  That number is obviously why President Obama is trying to overhaul the system with his laws that were passed over two years ago.  In California, there are currently over 8 million uninsured, one of the highest figures in the country.  So, how will the exchanges get these millions of Americans insurance?  How long will it take for everyone to get health insurance?  5 Years?  20 years?  Another question, will people simply pay the fees associated with not having insurance because that it is still much cheaper than actual health insurance premiums.

Many people who make $10 dollars an hour, trying to make a living, do not have and can’t afford to get health insurance.  America needs quality leaders to oversee the health care system and the implementation of it coming next year.  Most are predicting that the healthy will pay for the poor, just like the rich pay for the poor when it comes to government programs, etc.  Next year everything takes affect, we will find out soon.

Receiving Medical Care Without The Stress

September 13th, 2012

Many people today worry that they might not have the right insurance plan in place.  There are many moving parts and many things to know when you buy health insurance.  For instance, you must know the difference between things like deductible, out of pocket maximums, carriers, etc.  Many questions we get are about these benefits and what really is the difference.  Well, the answer is straight forward but not very easy to decide on.  Usually, the higher the deductible you choose, the less expensive the insurance plan will be.  That being said, the benefits are not as rich and it might cost you in your pocket book if you start to utilize medical services a lot.

Healthier people choose higher deductible plans because they obviously use the doctors less, so they will and can take the risk.  If you are approaching higher age brackets, it might make sense to choose a plan with a lower deductible.  Yes, this plan may be more expensive than the average plan, but you will save money in the long run if you start to use medical services.  The main thing is to know your health history and choose accordingly.  That way, when you do receive care you know that you have the right coverage in place.

Physical Inactivity Just As Deadly As Smoking

July 18th, 2012

A recent report suggests that about one-third of adults worldwide are not doing enough physical activity on a daily basis.  And this inactivity has lead to many illnesses and death.  The study actually shows that it accounts for over 5 million deaths per year.  The researchers are saying that the death toll is so high that the problem should be treated as a pandemic.

The study also showed that nations where people have higher incomes actually do exercise more.  This was forecasted by the researchers because these people have the means to do more physical activity.  Pedro Hallal, one of the lead researchers in the study, is hoping that the upcoming Olympics will help encourage people to do more physical activity on a daily basis.  If the government makes it a public health priority, then it will definitely improve the health of the adults around the world.

Record Year For Whooping Cough

July 10th, 2012

The United States is on a record year, but not for the right reasons.  They are on pace for the most whooping cough cases than any other year.  Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a bacterial infection that causes a real deep cough in children.  It can be very serious if not treated right away.  It is called whooping cough because that is the noise children make after they finally catch there breath from so many coughs in a row.

This year so far, there has been over 16,000 cases of whooping cough.  Just to put it into perspective, the entire last year reported just over 15,000.  The highest ever reported and validated was in 2010 when over 27,000 cases were known.  This year, we are on pace for over 30,000 cases of whooping cough.  The best treatment is preventative.  Make sure all children get the proper shots when they are young so they can avoid this dangerous sickness.

Study Says More Sleep May Lead To Losing Weight

March 16th, 2012

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic suggest that sleeping more may lead to losing weight.  Many people have a hard time dieting or spending hours at the gym.  This study actually suggests that people that are sleep-deprived consume over 500 more calories than those who get a good nights rest.  This study goes against most conventional thinking that promotes people being active to lose weight and not just staying in bed.

The researchers do not know exactly what causes the extra eating when people get less sleep.  They do point out that getting a good sleep also has other positives effects for your health.  The study looked at 17 participants over a one week period.

Too Few Americans Getting Screened For Common Cancers

January 30th, 2012

Today, the number of Americans being screened for the most common cancers has been falling below national targets.  Cancers such as colon, breast and cervical cancer are amongst the most common forms of cancers and should be screened often.  The national targets for screening for these cancers is 81 percent.  In 2010, the percent of women being screened for these major cancers was just below 73 percent.

These screenings are crucial to getting the survival rate up for these serious cancers.  The number of screenings vary greatly among the different nationalities in America.  Also, it is expensive to get these screenings regularly.  If someone does not currently have health insurance, then the chance of getting screenings on a regular basis of course decreases significantly.

New School Food Guidelines Mean Healthier Fare

January 26th, 2012

The federal government has always taken the health of the nation very seriously, especially starting with kids.  For a long time now the Obama administration wanted to overhaul the school cafeteria offerings and it seems like that is finally going to happen.  New federal rules released Wednesday that school cafeterias will have to offer much healthier foods to the kids.  The menus now have to feature more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and less salt, fat and fried foods. 

These changes mark the first major system change in 15 years and most believe it will be for the better.  Of course, as a result of this new law kids will start to eat healthier and take better care of themselves from an early age.  However, school spending will be increased because the grocery bills will definitely be higher.  As a result, the federal government will give some aid to schools so they can afford the increased costs to their programs.  About 32 million kids participate in the national school breakfast and lunch program each day.