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Study Shows Statins To Higher Diabetes In Older Women

January 11th, 2012

Millions of Americans take statin medications to lower their cholesterol every year.  What they do not know that they might be at risk to get diabetes.  Especially for women, a regular habit of taking statin may make women at a higher risk to get diabetes in the future.  Although the study points out that it might increase the risk of diabetes, doctors say that their are positive outcomes of taking statin like preventing heart attacks and strokes.

The results of the study are staggering though, a nearly 50% increase for statin users to be more at risk to obtain diabetes.  Many users of the drugs have no choice because they use it fight off potential risk with previous heart or stroke problems.  Doctors urge patients to first ask to see if it is safe to stop the usage of statins or to keep the drug as a daily use.